The end of an era, and the beginning of a new one

On Friday, August 24, the end of an era happened in my life.  It had been going on for 15 years, met my girlfriend, had a wedding, had a house, had a kid, had another, sent kid 1 to school….that era change is…

I no longer own a Canon camera.

To be honest, I felt a little dirty with the way I sold her, auctioning it off on Craigslist and all.  I have owned at least 1 if not 2 Canons since 2003, when I bought my first Digital Rebel(D300), then an upgrade to the 20D, then an upgrade to the 40D, then yet another upgrade to the 7D.  Over 130,000 images have been taken by those 4 cameras, and countless memories.  I tried journalism, modeling, sports, aviation, fashion, weddings, and finally settling on families/seniors. These cameras were a workhorse, and I loved using them, until it came time for an upgrade. While my photography business was and is flourishing, a new need of video appeared, and Canon is woefully inept to the changing environment. So with a tear, I prepared for goodbye and made a call….

….to my friend who works for Sony. A few clicks and about 2 weeks later, my new baby friend toy camera arrived. A brand new sparkly Sony A7RIII. 42 megapixels of sharpness, 7 stops of dynamic range, in a package about half the size of my 7D. I couldn’t wait to get started and it helped me to my best year ever for my photo business in 2018!  

I was very fortunate to have my first shoot with the family that helped me at their ranch in Waco, and they turned out great(kudos to the Sony G-Master 70-200 f/2.8 lens). I can’t wait to show you guys more!

I feel though, that this post isn’t complete without some of my favorite images from my Canon days, I think there were a lot of good times, so I am sharing the top 10 images I took with a Canon camera.  Some are of people, some are of things.  Enjoy!

Chiara Senior Portrait – Class of 2010 – Dallas, TX

Julisa and Dennis – 2009 – Houston, TX

Brittney & William – Plano TX – 2010

B-25 Stratofortress at Sunrise – Wings over Houston 2009

F-18 Super Hornet on Takeoff – 2010 Alliance Airshow

USAF Thunderbirds – Wings Over Houston 2008

Grand Canyon South Rim – Arizona – 2010

Cody’s First Day of Kinder! – Frisco – 2017

My lovely better half – San Francisco – 2010

My two little boys – Texas – 2014

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