Arizona Photography Tour

Before Amy and I were married, her sister lived out in Arizona, which provided the opportunity for us to take some trips out there.  While out there, usually we(or just me) took some days to leave the big city and go out and view the sights available in that beautiful state.  The big one of course is the Grand Canyon, but there are many other sights to see.  The best ones we went to were the Red Rocks of Sedona, and Canyon X/Antelope Canyon.  I was able to take out my camera(at the time a Canon 20D – more on that to come) and snap some photos. We’ll start with the Grand Canyon

One of my goals is to make it here during a summer sunset, as I have heard and seen that it is spectacular.   Next up, a little trip to Sedona for the Red Rocks.  We tried out the Arroyo Roble Hotel in Sedona.  I’m not a fan of Best Western myself but it was worth a shot.  The hotel is right on the side of a mountain, beds were comfortable, and breakfast was free!  We woke up the next day and took a stroll around town and found ourselves on a Jeep tour with A Day in the West.  The Mogollon Rim tour was a 2 hour trip from the Sedona valley to the top of the canyon and provides for stunning views. 

Then it’s on to my favorite, and that is Page, AZ and a special tour I got to do with Taadidiin Tours, and went to Canyon X.  It’s a small hike down a sand dune but when there, it was just us.  At the time we went, the Navajo only allowed 10 people per day in the canyon.

After that, it was back to Antelope Canyon.  Our tour guide was awesome and threw some sand up while we had our long exposures going(some of these exposures were over a minute because of the HDR nature of these shots.

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