First Goal Achieved! – 50lbs lost – Photo Shoot

So in my goals post for my weight loss journey, I mentioned that one of the goals would be a photo shoot for me when I lost 50 lbs!  I did this to ‘show off’ my weight loss, but also to help me overcome the hatred that I have had for myself and the way that I look.  I have often despised how I look and what I became, because it was always out there.  I didn’t treat my body well, and I didn’t treat my mind well.  I didn’t like myself in pictures, and I still don’t, but this is a fear that has to be overcome.  I ended up having a ball!

I have to thank my fellow photographer Samantha Cavener at Oklahoma City Photography for doing this shoot for me. She is a wonderful photographer and artist and I am so grateful to have her as a professional peer, and and I can’t wait to show you the shoot that I did for her last time I was in the city. Check her out at, or check out her Instagram @oklahomacityphotography!
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