Where are the blogs for men?

I need to say this, and as a dad it should be pretty obvious, but here goes….I like to read. I like to read books, I like to read blogs, I like to read news, I like to read just about anything. There are also blog posts here I have written about what I’m reading(that was a long time ago!). I like writing in this blog, and I like to read blogs, but something that I found, is that THERE ARE NO MEN BLOGGERS. Seriously, there are like 1500 blogs here in the DFW area alone written by very talented women, talking about fashion, food, road conditions, the building that refuses to come down, whats happening, everything that my wife would love to read about, and a quick Google Search for blogs for men will give me 100,000 hits dedicated to the following three things:

  1. How to last longer in bed.
  2. How to dress to impress(usually wearing clothes that are called men’s clothes but really are boys sizes)
  3. How to advance in your career.

Note: All three of those subjects and any related posts are sponsored by #insertlatesttechgadget or #testosteronepills or #ED.

Back in the day, my boys Kevin and Geoff would provide me with the humor and spiritual insight to make it through the day, but those days are long gone…

Is it too much to ask there to be some guys out there that might love Jesus, cuss and drink a little, work on stuff semi-correctly, and just live a normal life. Am I off base here? Who do you guys read? Post in the comments below!

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