A lifestyle change – Step 1(The Goals)

September 2, 2019 started the lifestyle change for me.  My weight had become too much to bear both mentally and physically(as outlined in my first post) and now steps are being taken.  Before we get to that, here are my main goals, and some ‘sub’-goals I have.  First…the main goals:

  • Have a waist and/or pant size of 40 or less or a weight loss of 150 lbs or greater
  • Achieve a resting blood pressure of no higher than 130/90(I know, it’s still high, but it’s a family thing) without any medication
  • no longer need cpap therapy

I think I’ll be adding more goals as I progress…but the sub goals I have are directly related to accomplishing the main goals, while being intermediate in difficulty but measurable in order to keep my brain right.  As of now, I have the following:

  • Stop relying on ibuprofen at night for my neck pain(current intake 400-800mg per night)
  • Be able to sit in an airline seat without an extender

So, with this set of goals…I’m ready to go, but first, here are a list of treats I want when I hit certain goals!  Help me by

50 lbs lost – new headshot for my social media, professional profile

75 lbs lost – Barry Jackson Photography session giveaway!

100 lbs lost – new suit

125 lbs lost – another giveaway!

150 lbs lost – taking the kids to six flags!

So with that here we go!

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