COVID-19 adventures – We got a golf cart!

Since we got a new place, one of our(my) goals was to get a golf cart to cruise around the neighborhood. Our new neighborhood is much larger than our old one, and many people have one to drive around, go fishing, and visit their neighbors. What I didn’t want to do is 1) buy one already done. Due to my weight loss, I feel so much better, so I wanted to do some upgrades myself. So, now all it was up to was to find the right cart.

Fortunately for us, we found one! My precious coworker had a 2008 Yamaha Drive sitting outside that wasn’t being used, and had a great deal on it! Before that though…we had to go get it(it was in Central Oklahoma!), and we did a little adventure to get there! We first stopped in Durant to see the world’s largest peanut!

Next up was a quick trip to Fort Washita, which was established in 1842 outside of Durant for peace with the Chickasaw Nation. Saw some cool old ruins and an old gravesite!

Finally it was time! My friend hooked up the batteries and we took it out for a quick drive!

Finally it was time to hitch it up! Since I am wanting to be a blogger while I’m here in Prosper, I’ll send some updates on the upgrades coming!

hitched up a golf cart

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