Lots of things happening.

Wow, there has been so much happening. There have been so many reasons why I haven’t blogged, but mainly it’s been because 1) I have two kids and a wife at home, which means 2) I’ve been busy with those things. There’s lot of emotions thats been running around in the past few months, and a lot of them may appear to be controversial, but I’m just gonna run it out and whatever happens happens.

I’m happy, for two little boys that are growing up faster than I could have ever thought, they are my pride and joy and to see their smiling faces brings me a joy that I never thought I could have. Carson is now 2, and can basically drive and go through a job interview, so we are really happy with him. Cody just finished Pre-K and is headed off to Kindergarten

I’m nervous, because this world appears to be headed towards disaster, from political and terror strife worldwide, to wondering if my wife with MS will be allowed to keep her doctor of 20 years, a personal friend of both of ours who went to our wedding, in our health insurance network so we can continue to see him. He is a trusted advisor, so naturally we want that to come out our way.

I’m excited, I purchased a drone about a year ago, and love flying it. I made a decision at the end of last year to focus more on doing some video work rather than photo work, while keeping my photo work going, to grow. I am still working on that. Be on the lookout for an aerial video of my city soon.

I’m sad, the past 10 days in Dallas have been gut wrenching. To see people that serve in the line of duty be shot down in cold blood from a gutless coward is both angering and depressing. What should have been peaceful was made chaotic by the actions of one with the stoking of many, and it should not have happened. It’s magnified by the societal discourse we’re finding in our society these days along what seems to be every line, racial, political, sexual, with law enforcement, etc. When I turned on my Facebook feed to what happened, I was pretty shocked to say the least at just how big the divide in our country is.

I’m hopeful, because at the end of all this, Jesus is still on his throne, the sun still comes up in the morning, and I still have my family and friends that I love dearly.

There’s lots more but that is enough for now. I know during this election season things will get hot, but I am going to keep that down for now, and just share some of the lighthearted stuff over the next few weeks. I’m honestly pretty stoked to have written this much and do more in the coming days, and of course to also to show you some cool drone footage!

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