Top 10 List: Video Games

In honor of the birthday of the original NES and upcoming documentary about finding all 700 original NES games, I would like to share my list of top 10 video games of all time(and some ~

I originally wanted to make this about the top 5 video games, but then decided that I couldn’t do just 5, one reason because there are at least fifty games that could make this list. So in the interest of fairness, here are what I believe are the top 10 video games ever made. These are either console and/or arcade games, so no computer(only) games, or iPad/iPhone apps are in contention here, and also, they are games that I either currently own or did own.


10) California Games(Atari Lynx)

BMX, Surfing, Halfpipe, and Hackey-Sack. All you could ask for in one game for a 12 year old. I learned this game on a computer(I know, I broke the rules right out of the gate), watching my cousin Jason dominate on the halfpipe. I picked it up with my Atari Lynx. I think I could take him in surfing and BMX. A surprisingly simple game on my Atari Lynx that I played for HOURS upon HOURS.




1070325350-009) Joust (Atari 5200)
Birds and swords are the tone of this one. Pounce and you win. Be pounced and you lose. I got really good at pouncing.









tumblr_lh8vepBHBA1qzpb00o1_4008 – The Legend of Zelda – A Link to the Past (Super Nintendo)
One of the most difficult games I’ve ever played, this one was also the most rewarding. The fight to the master sword, then all the bosses made this one a game I love to this day.






Super_Mario_Bros._(NA)7 – Super Mario Bros (Original Nintendo)
Other than the sports games, this is the only game I have never beaten. For some reason the double jump on level 8-1 was just something I could never get past. I’d embarringly have to get my friend Dave to get me across, and then I could take down Bowser. Dang you A and B buttons!








fifa-soccer-10-cover7001136 – FIFA Soccer(Xbox 360)
Greatest multiplayer sports game ever created, bar-none. Played many hours in my 20s just running Drogba, Lampard, and Mata up and down the pitch. I still play often to this day.









madden-ultimate-team-patch-unlocks-new-uniforms-on-xbox-360_15 – Madden/NCAA Football(Xbox 360)
I’m incredibly sad that NCAA 2014 will be a swan song for this franchise. Nt a big fan of the current Madden series, but NCAA has been a staple since I started on the SNES over a decade ago.









n64goldeneye4 – Goldeneye 007 (Nintendo 64)

The shooter than begat all other shooters. A great game based off of a great movie, you could use all the characters in the movie in the game. I loved the short character. The single player story line was one of the best ever created too. Thank you developers for not making this an on-rails game.





Xbox_360_Box_Art_MW33 – Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 3
Shooting, drones, the US military and the ability to kill terrorists. ‘Nuff said.










tecmo_super_bowl_frontcover_large_WVrDFnlULsA9JiP2 – Super Tecmo Bowl (Super Nintendo)
Best football game ever made. I could win the Super Bowl with the Saints, who were like 1-15 at the time.







Halo11 – Halo (Original Xbox)
The amount of hours my friends and I spent on this game is incalculable. The amount of Saturday night playing into Sunday morning was beyond awesome. The friends I made(and potential girlfriends I lost the shot at) over a game of capture the flag on the outside base was worth it. The single player co-op was the best ever created too. Sorry 007.






Honorable Mentions: Hard Drivin, Super High Impact, Star Raiders, 1942, Sonic the Hedgehog,
Starfox, River Raid, Pac-Man, Combat, Need for Speed, Pole Position

That’s the list! What were some of your favorites?

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