Adventures in Film Photography – The Restart

film photography

Just to photography is hard…

In the last post… I went through my time starting film photography a few years and months ago, and how I had a massive fail. Now I am at a point where I am committed to getting it right. Here is the next part of the story!

Restarting means checking myself and getting my mind right

The first thing I had to do was put my pride aside, and delete the mindset that digital can bring into your photography. No longer was I able to look through a viewfinder and know what my image will look like. So, I picked up my original photography book (Understanding Exposure). I went through it like I did in the beginning, so I had my film photography fundamentals sound and ready to go next time. Now, it was time to get the film for my shoot, and the digital camera will not be with me next time. I will be my own light meter.

Getting the right film

I wanted to get a good film that would produce good results, while also forgiving me while I am still learning. So, I went with a 2 rolls of Ektar 100. This would give me a good neutral color, an ‘easier’ to shoot ASA 100 exposure, which will allow me to ‘miss’ a little bit and also be forgiving when I want to start scanning my own film!


I picked a good location, a nice Bavarian looking neighborhood just down the street one morning, and burned a roll on my way in to work. I took my time, made sure my exposures were right, and clicked away.

The Results!

Here are the results, they are not perfect, but I think for my maybe 3rd time in film photography, they came out good and I’m starting to see the improvement!

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