A Lifestyle Change – Phase 3 – Keto time

This is part of a lifestyle change series following a journey to a healthier me!  See the first post in this series by clicking HERE!

After the weight loss surprise of the Whole 30, I knew going in, that I would need something to keep me sustained in weight loss.  Struggling with freedom, I wanted to get a plan that had set, defined goals that I needed to stay within.  After my friend Jon tried Keto and lost weight at 160 lbs, I knew that I needed to look into it.  After doing some research(and watching the movie “The Magic Pill”) I wanted this to be the long term solution that would help me 1) Lose Weight and 2) Keep it off.  Plus…I like meat so this thing is wheelhouse.

I began this before my Whole30-ish ended.  Something I didn’t think would happen was, this plan is exceptionally easy to follow while on the road for my work.  Everywhere there is a steakhouse, a seafood house, and a grocery store, all friendly for Keto.  I am a very savory leaning person, so anything that is going to be salty is something I like, and I resist the temptation of the sweet tooth.   And with that, off we were to ketosis land.

Transitioning to Keto was far easier than I thought.  After the whole30 had eaten away almost 50 lbs, I was 3/4 of the way there, so on September 27, I went to Saltgrass, and went about removing most if not all carbs from my life.  I was eating about 80 carbs per day because of the vegetable content of the Whole30, so my goal was to winnow that down to lower than 30 per day.  Part of the rules is following the macros, something I’m not quite yet willing to do, because I want to be able to do this long term after this weight loss happened.  One thing I know, is that it happened fast.  The first feeling was about 2 days after I started, when I started to feel hungry…ALL THE TIME.  I felt empty physically, and I was tired.  I checked to see if I was sick, and I wasn’t, but then realized, I had the flu…the Keto flu!  That means this was working!  So, off to ketosis land I go…

When the ‘Keto flu’ ended, I began to feel much better, but it seemed like I was 90% of the way there.  I have heard about this full ketosis thing before but never felt it.  Then on one Saturday in October…it happened.

I’ll never forget this day, I got up early to get to my college football gig that I work, and stopped at Market Street, where they make the best breakfasts ever.  I ordered 3 slices of bacon, and 2 sausage patties, and a coffee to go.  I got about 4 miles away down the road after eating the bacon and sausage and it happened.   Let me preface this, I have never done cocaine before…but I have spoken to many who have, and I have to say that if I were to try, it would be like this.  It was like everything slowed down.  And I mean SLLLLLOOOOOWWWWED DOWN.  It was like the world was running at half speed, and I had energy like never before.  I’m part of a production crew at this gig, and it was the smoothest it’s ever ran.  And I wasn’t hungry.  I didn’t eat from 8AM until 8PM when I met a friend for dinner.  It was awesome, but it went away after a day.  So, it’s a goal to get back to.  More on Keto later, but ketosis is well, and I’m coming up on 100 lbs lost!  Will give an update on Thanksgiving/Christmas soon!

So now to the stats everybody wants to know…..

Starting Weight( 10/2): 392.0 (Nov 2)
Ending Weight(12/30): 354.6
Weight Loss for the period: 37.4 lbs
Total Weight Loss: 85.9 lbs

So it’s getting a little ridiculous…I am still wearing the same pants…but they are toooooo big!  So, my love bought me new pants, 3 sizes smaller, and they almost fit!  AS soon as I can get in them, they’re gonna be in the rotation.  I am noticing that I am leveling off quite a bit…so I’ll be starting physical activity soon (boot camp) and will for sure blog about that as well!


Note on featured image…I didn’t want to post another Apple Health graphic, so here is a pic of me from just before Thanksgiving!  Down 60 lbs here!

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